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The cmmi_v6.0 download contains the process guidance provided here on MSDN:   CMMI Process Template for Visual Studio ALM.

CMMI Process Guidance Support Files

To redirect the process guidance for work item types, edit the following redirection files.

Redirection file Target html file
ProcessGuidance.html MSFforCMMIProcessImprovementv6.0.html
Supporting Files\AboutWorkItems.html WorkItemsandWorkflowCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Bug.html BugCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Change Request.html ChangeRequestCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Issue.html IssueCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Risk.html RiskCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Task.html TaskCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Test Case.html TestCaseCMMI.html
Supporting Files\Requirement.html RequirementCMMI.html

To learn more, see Configure a Project Portal or Process Guidance.

The index.html file contains links to each customizable topic.

CMMI process guidance index

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